At 1200 MPa, Crystal Diamond Zirconia is Three times as Strong as Lithium Disilicate

Crystal's "Diamond" Zirconia is specially formulated for Full Contour Restorations, offering the best possible mix of both strength and translucency.  Diamond is twice as strong as ANY OTHER monolithic restoration material, and offers properties of translucency and opalesence NEVER BEFORE SEEN in Zirconia.

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Full Contour Zirconia Now Available for a Wider Variety of Milling Systems

We are developing full-contour materials and morphology libraries for an ever-increasing variety of scanners and milling systems, which makes a one-piece solid zirconia restoration possible for most dental labs to offer to their dentists.

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The First TRUE Lifetime Warranty Ever Offered on a Complete Dental Restoration

Crystal is first to offer a lifetime warranty on coping zirconia, and with our Diamond full-contour material, is the first to stand behind the entire restoration with a full lifetime warranty.  A Crystal Diamond restoration is the strongest restoration made, and will not crack, chip or break during the lifetime of the patient. 

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Diamond tip Bur Sets Available for Dental Office Adjustment of Full-Contour Crystal Diamond Restorations.

Crystal branded diamond tipped burs are now available in our online store at a wholesale rate.  Authorized Diamond Labs are encouraged to offer dentists these bur sets to allow them to make quick and easy adjustments to full contour zirconia restorations.

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Highest Translucency


Crystal "Diamond" Zirconia is the MOST TRANSLUCENT Zirconia available, and the ONLY Zirconia which provides a natural opalescent chamelion effect in the mouth, virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

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Highest Strength


Crystal High Strength Zirconia is the STRONGEST Zirconia ever tested.  At 1500 MPa, microwave sintered Crystal HS Zirconia is the strongest material available for high-stress anterior frameworks.

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Zirconia for Leading Systems

Dental Zirconia Blocks and Discs

DentalZircona.com was the first to offer customers a choice between high strength and high transucency zirconia, and today, we are offering four different types, including:

  1. High-Strength Crystal Zirconia - at up to1500 MPa, the strongest zirconia on the market
  2. High-Translucent Crystal Zirconia - use for anterior copings and frameworks that require additional translucency and 1350 MPa strength.
  3. Super-Translucent zDent Zirconia - our value-brand zirconia blending 1200 MPa strength and superior translucency (limited warranty).
  4. Ultra-Translucent Full Contour Crystal Diamond - the most translucent zirconia on the market, formulated for full-contour restorations, and 1250 MPa strong

Sirona inLab Blocks:

 zDent Super Translucent
 Diamond Full Contour
 Crystal High Translucency

Roland / Wieland 98.5mm Discs:

 Crystal Diamond Full Contour
98.5x18mm Crystal Diamond Zirconia Disc
zDent Super Translucent
98.5x14mm HT / HS Zirconia Disc

Digital Dental 100mm Discs:

 Diamond Full Contour
100x10mm Crystal Diamond Digital Dental Zirconia Disc
  Crystal High Translucency
100x10mm Crystal HT / HS Digital Dental Zirconia Disc
zDent Super Translucent
100x12mm HT Digital Dental zDent Zirconia Disc

Coloring Liquids, Burs and Supplies:

Zirconia Coloring Liquids
Tanaka ZirColor Coloring Liquids
Burs and Handpieces
Zirconia Adjustment Bur Kit
Crystal Accessories
Alumina Sintering Dish


DentalZircona.com is an online store created by Dental Laboratory Milling Supplies (DLMS) based in Scottsdale Arizona.  Items in this store are for dental laboratory use and are NOT available to the general public. 

DLMS is the leading supplier of OEM and aftermarket zirconia milling blocks in the United States, serving wholesale customers throughout the world.  With more than 100 products designed for dozens of different milling platforms, DMLS also provides the widest variety of zirconia discs, blocks, cylinders and cuboids of any US-based zirconia manufacturer.

As the leading dental zirconia distributor, DLMS is dedicated to providing quality products, fast delivery, and responsive customer care.  Founded in 2005 and focussed entirely on new and emerging dental materials such as Zirconia, DLMS has a long history in both the dental laboratory and lab supply business.

For more information on the benefits and uses of dental zirconia, please visit our home page.

To call us or send us an email, please visit our contact us page.

price_matchUpdate: As of March 2010, we just slashed our prices AGAIN!. DentalZirconia.com is proud to announce our largest price drops ever, as much as 30% on some of our dental zirconia blanks.  In an effort to remain the MOST COMPETITIVE online store anywhere on the internet (United States and Internationally), we have dropped our dental zirconia prices for the fourth time in less than two years.

We will NOT be undersold! If you find a lower price on high-grade zirconia anywhere on the Internet, please send us a link via our contact us form.  In almost all cases, we will match it or beat the internet price on an identical generic zirconia block, which is usually at least 50% less than OEM zirconia to start with.

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Dental Laboratory Milling Supplies is the leading US-based manufacturer and distributor of zirconia blanks used by dental labs to mill zirconia crown copings, bridge frameworks, and full contour restorations.

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